Polymyalgia – One Person’s Story (Revisited)

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.

~ Chinese Proverb

This is just one of many of my personal stories that you are getting the privilege of reading and one of the many that are taking place all over the world. My first objective in my business is to truly help people improve the quality of their lives through Cieaura products offerings. The rest, that will come in time.


The abridged story is reprised below. However, before you read the story this is what I explained prior the Cieaura Holographic Chips being used.

“Elva, before we put the chips on you let me state that they are totally safe, have no side-effects and nothing enters your body. The worst that could happen is that they will not work, but from my experience that seldom happens. What they will do is influence, adjust and balance your body so your body can do a better job of helping itself. Also, let me remind you that this product is not a cure, it will not mitigate treatment nor prevent disease or any other medical condition that you have.”


I explained what must be done to get maximum benefit from this needle-less acupuncture approach which is our mantra:


DURATION – I explained that she had to give the product time to communicate with her body to try and bring it more in balance. That could be anywhere from a month to a few minutes.

HYDRATION – she had to drink plenty of water which improves the effectiveness of that communication.

LOCATION – the place where the chips were to be put on her body. Since this was done for her that was something she did not have to worry about.

Here is her story.
“A few years ago I was on medication for this disease.” “I do not want to go into all the details but let it be enough to say that the drugs that I was on almost killed me.” I mean that literally,” she said. “Therefore I had to be taken off of all medication. Over the years I have had to deal with this pain from a mental standpoint only. I have to tell you that I am a very strong person, but there are days when no amount of mental fortitude helps and I just have to retreat into my own place and cry.”

“A mutual friend of ours referred me to you (Clarke) because she knew of my situation and my daily dealings with my ailment. What intrigued me about what she told me was that there was a possibility of something that might help me deal with my daily pain that had no side-effects.” “Unheard of,” I had told her. “That kind of drug does not exist,” I said. Our mutual friend says, “It is not a drug either, just go and find out what it is.” “The worst that could happen is that it does not work,” she says. “So, I went.”

“To my own amazement, I am pleased to tell you that the product absolutely worked! So well in fact, that I went from having to almost always ask someone to untwist a bottle cap for me, to being able to do so myself within the first 24 hours of using the product!” Of course there were other improvements I am just trying to keep this short.”

“I am not going to tell anyone reading this that my pain is gone. I am not even going to say it will work for each person suffering from what I am suffering from. What I am going to tell you is that use of this product has made the pain I have much more manageable and at times almost unnoticeable. And with on-going use my body seems to be making some kind of adjustment for the better. My personal doctor, friends and acquaintences have noticed a marked difference in me. I do not have that look on my face anymore like I am constantly concentrating on being ok in front of people when I am not, for I actually am ok.”

“Now let me be clear that I cannot say with 100% assurance that anyone using these chips will have the same results as I have, but you will have a result. I will say it is absolutely worth trying and you won’t have to worry about being hurt from any side-effects because there aren’t any. I am telling everyone within ear shot about this product!”

Thank you, Clarke for being that person who has made my life much happier on a day to day basis.
Elva Clay

You can read about the Cieaura holographic chip, PureRelief that is helping Elva by just tapping on the word PureRelief.

Here’s to your health and changing not only the way you think but the actions you take.
Chipsterhealth, May 01, 2013

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For Women Only!

No I am not talking about Chippendales, pregnancy, multitasking, or living longer.

What I am talking about though is something that is usually inescapable and particularly attributed to the gender with the XX chromosomes. This something surfaces around the time you begin moving into your forties. No, it is not becoming farsighted. ( smile ) That is not unique to your gender per se. Besides, as women you tend be born with or grow into this ability — “looking farther ahead” than us XY chromosome types long before we get the knack. No, what I am alluding to is really something that is pretty much exclusively female. For some this might be compared to the second coming, the first being puberty — call it the 2nd metamorphosis! This molting can begin with a few missed menses, followed by an abscence of menses over a longer time – 365 or 366 days. And, it may or may not include either or both increased swings in moods or hot flashes/flushes. Yes, it is PERI-MENOPAUSE and MENOPAUSE.


It can be a personally challenging time for a woman. Your hormones are trying to dictate how you should be. This change has been known to put the emotions at a heightened state of reception that cause conflict with the logical. Things can appear and actually be out of balance. Then if you have one of those XY chromosomes in your life he is trying to figure you out too. You do not appear to be the XX chromosone that he started with. Some of us XY’s say, ‘call me when it’s over’. Others of us give it our best shot at being empathetic but sometimes we only get as far as sympathetic. What man has not known a woman going through this phase of her life at one time or another? For me it was my sister. Her experience could have been compared to Defcon 1, a worst case scenario. We had to pull out all the stops to help her through that period of her life. Thank goodness that not too many women have that extreme. That being said I will tell you that there is something FOR WOMEN ONLY that can help you through this time of your life. First though, I will tell you what you won’t have to do with it and what it won’t do.

You do not ingest it. You do not inhale it. You do not inject or innoculaute yourself with it. It is almost invisible or hidden. You will not have to worry about problems occurring from using it more than 5 years. Nor will you have to concern yourself with the possibility of health issues such as blood clots or inflammed gallbladders. In other words, you will not have to worry about side-effects.

Here is what it can do. It specifically addresses your needs as a woman going through the hormonal, physical and emotional changes of Peri-menopause/Menopause. It will adjust, influence and bring your body into a more balanced state NATURALLY using acupuncture principles. AND, this will be done without the use of any drug or any needles. What is it?

It is Cieaura’s holographic sticker or chip Specifically designed for women. It is called ENHANCE!


Changing not only the way you think but the actions you take. Here’s to your health.
Chipsterhealth, October 02, 2013

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Women’s Libido News! A Holographic Chip With Benefits, Just For You!

Women’s Libido News! A Holographic Chip With Benefits, Just For You!

I read somewhere that for almost the last 50 years doctors have been trying to improve women’s libido for those who have what we now call female sexual arousal dysfunction (FSAD) and women’s hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). Frankly, I had thought that doctors had been working on this for several millenia. Actually, the concentration over the centuries has been overwhelming geared towards alleviating men’s sexual dysfunction. And it supposedly took a dramatic shift in that area with the introduction of the infamous BLUE PILL for men that was introduced in 1998.

But what about you, my female counterparts? Why is it so difficult to find as effective a product as that BLUE PILL for women as there has been for men? I am not sure that I am qualified to answer that in total nor personally address the reasons why? Women are definitely more complex than us men. And, your complexities definitely add to the challenges of coming up with something that can work on a more consistent basis. At least that is what I am told. Despite this, many qualified persons and some of the largest pharmeceutical companies are apparently trying to find solutions, especially since the BLUE PILLS astounding success. Solutions, opinions and ideas on the subject abound. Some of these ideas I will post here along with Cieaura’s approach.

The male hormone that helps to make us guys what we are. Actually we are comprised of both estrogen and testosterone just as women are but one of these is more biased towards the gender that we are. Some scientist believe that by increasing the testerone levels in women that it would improve your wavering libido. Unfortunately, the results have been marginal and noticeable side-effects like hairiness, a more male voice and enlargement of the clitoris to manifest themselves.

Be aware that generally the term PATCH connotes that it has a drug on it. It is a transdermal product. Therefore when it is put on the skin it goes through the skin and into your bloodstream. There is not an approved nor non approved drug on the market that does not have some type of side-effect, period. That being said there is a testosterone based patch called Intrinsa both the FDA in the U.S. and ‘Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin of the United Kingdom have been dissmissive of it.


This includes the most renown one, the blue pill and all it siblings and cousins on the market. Though these products are made for men for some reason ( smiling ) a few people somewhere somehow think this will be effective for women. Currently none of these have had much importance or success for most women who are seeking improvement to their libido issues. This is one area the pharmaceutical companies are having a hell of a time coming up with, I guess one might call it the Pink Pill.

Yes, you read it right. I hope that it is not necessary to explain these and how they work? However, they have been know to cost anywhere from $300 down $50.00. The verdict on these on the effectiveness of this product is also questionable. But non- suction one have been shown to help.

Many contain two main ingredients: L-Arginine (an amino acid), which dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and sensitivity; and menthol, peppermint or wintergreen, which causes a tingly feeling that can be very stimulating. NOTE: Truly satisfying sex is [ still ] dependent on the right physical and mental factors. Without them these potions will do nothing more than give you a subtle below-the-belt throb.(2)

What else is being done? Well you have arousal gels such as K-Y Intense, a female arousal gel that claims to heighten clitoral sensitivity. Arousal oils like Sensuva’s ON and Zestra Essential Arousal Oil massage oils. Intimina by LELO, makes personal massagers apparel and “intimate cosmetics,”. Nutritional, herbal supplements and vibrators are all part of the arsenal and assist some who are having sexual dysfunction in this area.


Acupunture. The manifestation of a low libido is looked upon much like other issues in TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ) in other words there is an imbalance of the person’s energy levels called Qi (chee). An acupuncturist will generally look for the cause of the problem and approach solving it based on their knowledge of this system. Then the acupuncturist will go to work with their skill and knowledge of needle placement based on your bodies meridian system to attempt to return your body to a more balanced state. When achieved you will be on your way to an improved libido. The advantages of this approach is less chance of adverse side-affects when administered by a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. Pills no matter how good always have some side-effects to areas of the body other than the intended area and as well as the intended areas.

So, what is this Women’s Libido News that I began with that is made just for you? It is holographic chip technology that works on the energy aspect of your bodies called Qi (chee). It is uniquely different than all the products that I have written about in this blog. This technology is designed to influence, adjust and balance our bodies in such a way that our bodies are better able to do what they need to do naturally, help us. It literally looks either like a transparent sticker or a bandaid. What does it bring to the table for you specifically, my female readership that none of the others do?

Exclusivity! This holographic chip is made just for you. When this chip is placed at the base of the spine which is an acupuncture and a ROOT CHAKRA area this chip will begin to do its work for you! It can and does improve one’s libido of course because it was designed to do that. However, some are calling it the “chakra chip” and the “chip with benefits ”. Shhh! DON’T LET THIS GET OUT! Suffice it to say that in addition to helping with improving your female libido, this chip will POSITIVELY affect your WELL BEING and can help to reduce or eliminate your hot flashes! Husbands and boyfriends will love it too, especially since it can assist with hormonal imbalances that sometimes arise during the post menopausal periods of life. Another phenominal aspect of this holographic chip is that absolutely no drugs are used and there are no side effects.

What is this product called? ENHANCE for women by Cieaura.

READ about ENHANCE, the science, and the testing done at the highest levels at:

After you get to that page look towards the bottom and click on SCIENCE.

Changing not only the way you think but the actions you take. Here’s to your health.
Chipsterhealth, June 10, 2013

You can also watch some testimonials on how Cieaura is helping others at my YouTube channel. Just type Chipsterhealth in the search window when you are on YouTube.

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Cieaura products do not diagnose, cure, mitigate treatment or prevent disease or any other medical condition.

Content published here is not read or approved by CieAura before it is posted and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of CieAura.


(1) Net Doctor: http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/sex_relationships/facts/lackingsexdrive.htm#ixzz2Uj2hJAC3
(2) Cosmopolitan: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/advice/increase-sexual-satisfaction
(3) Alternatives: https://www.acufinder.com/Acupuncture+Information/Detail/Can+acupuncture+enhance+a+woman’s+sexual+desire+and+pleasure+

“Stella” Can Get Her Groove Back.

“Stella” can get her groove back!

If you don’t think helping “Stella” to get her groove back is not important look at the number of publications addressing the issue on the lack of female libido for “Stella”. Here are just a few: Women’s Health Magazine, Fit And Health Publication, The Mayo Clinic,

You are beautiful, caring female who has either been married for awhile or in a relationship for that same while. One of the ways you have contributed to society was by having your 1.83 children, after all we are not a rural society anymore. Once that was achieved you decided to return to using contraceptives so that you did not contribute anymore.

You love your better half but for some reason your sex drive is diminished or non-existent. You are not aware (or maybe you are) that the contraceptive you are regularly downing is giving your liver a tough time. It is trying to figure out what is going on… estrogen, testosterone, estrogen, a protein called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG)*


Then there is the other issue. “Stella’s” internal thermostat has gone haywire. It causes “Stella” to wish she could have that guy in the loin cloth fanning her constantly one moment and the next moment wishing she was alone in an igloo! This is all supposedly due to some unseen gremlin called menopause or perimenopause!

And if that was not enough, then as wildly fluctuating as “Stella’s” thermostat has become some poltergeist is trying to cause her mood swings from one monent to the next. Holy Water seems ineffective. Of course, it’s not the devil, but hormones. I know that I am trying to add a degree of humor to this, but to the “Stella’s” that are going through these trials it is truly no joke. Just ask their better halves.


I have read that more than 2/3 of North Amercan “Stella’s” experience one, all or any combination of these rapacious symptons. And, if these things were not sufficient, You “Stellas” are told to take drugs for hormonal replacement, depression, hypertension, and even antihistamines. All of these approaches have side-effects from blood clots and gallbladder inflammation to dryness in places where there should not be any. Don’t take my word for it, ask your doctor, google it, read the side of your particular drug.
* (SHBG) Referenced The article “She Knows Baby”. Excerpted from the September 2006 January issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

So what are your options, “Stella”? There are approaches with minimal or virtually no risks. I call them the “benefit” approaches. Exercises such as spirited walking, cycling, yoga, can be very beneficial with seldom any risk. Certain foods and vitamins too can benefit you, “Stella”. And there are alternative approaches, such as aryurvedic and acupuncture. But these require you go to a skilled practitioner. So is there another effective, convenient and no worry aporoach to get grooving again? Read on.

“Stella”, I am now introducing you to another approach to help you get your “groove” back. It influences, adjusts, and balances energy flow of your body like acupuncture so that your body can move itself to that place of getting your “groove” back.

“Stella” you can put it on yourself. Or it just might be more fun to have your better half put them on you! It is done without needles. It is non-transdermal – nothing enters your body. There are only benefits and no side-effects. No drugs are used.

It is as easy to use as:

• EXPECTATION – ( not a miracle product ) “Stella” it took your body a minimum of 40 years to get to this point. Given that, note that this product is designed to influence, adjust and bring your body into a more balanced state. Give it time to do that.

(1) Location (put it in the right spot on your body.
(2) Duration (give it time )
(3) Hydration (make sure that you drink water and not just one glass either).

What is it? We call it a holographic chip/sticker that can look transparent or like a band aid. It is called ENHANCE FOR WOMEN! It is like needle-less acupuncture. And, it will assist your body to help bring your “groove” back!

“Stella”, here is where you can find out more about how to get your “groove” back.


Changing not only the way you think but the actions you take. Here’s to your health.
Chipsterhealth, February 20, 2013

Shhhh…. Listen closely “Stella”. There have been reported additional benefits to wearing the CIEAURA (See-ah-ra) ENHANCE chip for WOMEN.


It has been reported that the chip communicates so well with your body that a reduction in or elimination of hot flashes can take place and hormonal imbalances are being addressed too.

If you have questions concerning this product and how it might help you, feel free to email me at: chipsterhealth@gmail.com

You can also watch some testimonials on how Cieaura is helping others at my YouTube channel. Just type Chipsterhealth in the search window when you are on YouTube.


Cieaura products do not diagnose, cure, mitigate treatment or prevent disease or any other medical condition.

Content published here is not read or approved by CieAura before it is posted and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of CieAura.

Eureka! Female Libido Revived!

For ages it has been a pretty patriachal world; religiously, educationally, athletically, scientifically and business wise. It hasn’t been much different in the “bed room” either. Discussion of sex, sexuality and issues particularly pertaining to women… have mostly been about the guys. If it was about you the “weaker sex” it was kept “under the covers” as much as possible by the societies and cultures of their times. From Africa, to the Middle East, to Europe, Asia and the Americas, all cultures throughout the ages have made their attempts to address sexual dysfunction. Witch doctors, medicine men, priestess, ancient medical practioners, herbalist, religious leaders, political leaders, societies at large have all had their hand in this.

There were three common threads among them all. One, women were to blame and solutions were focused towards men. Two, Taboo. Societies rarely allowed for open discussion in this area. Three, sheer ignorance as to the physiology and psychology of how the human body functioned and how different men and women are in the sexual arena, dispite our similarities.

Science, opened the door to better understanding and solutions, but it was also limited by the use of just empirical observations and impaired by religious and societal mores.
But it was a start. And it began moving us away from, superstitions and beliefs and more towards theory and proof. It has been a slow, arduous process.

Taking a quick snap shot of that process might look something like this. China and India of 4000 to 3000 years ago using acupuncture and Ayurvedic approaches. Though their approaches were documented based on empirical evidence and had much success those practices still catered towards men, was limited to those who were rich and that information stayed in Asia for centuries.

The Middle East as far back as a millennium ago had doctors using topical treatments and medications to help improve the sexual performance of guess who — men who had impotence or what we today call erectile dysfunctIon. As to what was being used by women in that area of the world at that time may never be really known.

Looking at Europe during the Age of Enlightenment, The Renaissance and The Victorian eras. We see more effective reasoning with a more scientific approaches taking place. Tools are being developed to support empirical observations to aid us in substantiating those observations. There are a lot of hurdles along the way though. Religious and superstitious views are very much entrenched in not only how we saw ourselves in the world but in the universe. People were being castigated for thinking for themselves, challenging that the earth is the center of the universe theory and sexual conduct not approved by the religious authorities of the time. So open sex related discussion was not going to be added to this list for fear of punishment. Besides, the thought of the day then was that if it was not working in the bedroom, it was the woman’s fault. Believe it or not though, progress was being made.

That progress came through the 19th & 20th century works of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Alfred Kinsey. They revolutionized the way women’s sexual issues had been looked at and addressed, finally providing viable ways to actually aid women. The word libido begins replacing words like Female Hysteria and sexual dysfunction. Slightly more than midway through the 20th century Masters & Johnson helped this effort even more.

The United States 1985. We are reading medical and drug publications. We discover that a radical new drug had been developed, under the guidance of a woman with a cast of thousands. That drug was called sildenafil citrate. Its purpose was to improve men’s sexual dysfunctional performance. 1998 became its official launch to the adult male populace — its street name, the little blue pill. A huge hit to say the least – because it worked plain and simple. Even men who didn’t need it were using it. This drug did something else. It further opened the door to honest public discussions on male impotence/dysfunction – libido and our female/male relationships. Were there any downsides? Yes. The drug had physical side effects for men and did not address the needs of women. But, the benefits seemingly outweighed the downside.

Now we are entering the dawn of a new millennium. The three common threads have almost been resolved. Women for the most part are not to blame. There is much less that is taboo. And knowledge has replaced ignorance in many cases.

With that has come an underground movement going on in the United States for the last few decades beginning around the last quarter of the 20th century. People have been searching for alternative approaches to treating the human body that was more natural, less invasive or not invasive at all. Diet, herbs, energy medicine, chiropractic procedures, meridians, Qi were all gaining notoriety. The success they were achieving at helping people with various maladies more naturally and without being burdened with the adverse side effects of allopathic practices has been gaining ground.

The practice of Acupuncture was re-discovered as a viable alternative to assist our bodies. Based around the principle of Qi ( chē ) — being the bodies innate energy and meridians, the energy pathways that Qi travels through— very fine needles are placed on acupuncture points of the body to bring about balance to the body thereby helping the body to achieve optimum performance. And, it has been re-discovered that it can also help in the areas of libido. But, you still would need a well trained practitioner of acupuncture and it is somewhat invasive.

What if there was finally a way to address women’s libido needs that was not invasive. What if it had nothing but benefits and no downside or side effects? What if it could possibly help with bringing more balance to that hormone imbalance of yours? If it could help reduce or eliminate hot flashes too, would you be willing to try it? And, the only practitioner you would need is yourself! EUREKA! WELL THERE IS!

Cieaura a technology company in the energy medicine and health and wellness industry has developed just such a product for women’s libido! It has applied the best of what current science has to offer with acupuncture principles of Qi, and meridians, however no needles are involved. It is specifically formulated with intrinsic energies that work with the energy of our body. It is effectively adressing women’s libido issues. It is available now! The only practitioner needed is you! It is as simple as placing what looks like a sticker, but is called a “chip” on one of two places on the body and be willing to wear it for 6 days minimum while being continuously hydrated. Absolutely no drugs are used, therefore nothing enters the body!

What is it called? ENHANCE!

You can read more about it at:

To Your Health, Chipsterhealth
January 20, 2013

Writing an article on sex was one of the most challenging for me. My drafts were many more than my usual because I was trying to keep it interesting, fun, brief, not offensive, informative and yet to the point as possible within the blogging framework. For the most part, I hope that I have succeeded.

If you have questions concerning this product and how it might help you, feel free to email me at:

You can also watch some testimonials on how Cieaura is helping others at my YouTube channel. Just type Chipsterhealth in the search window when you are on YouTube.


Cieaura products do not diagnosis, cure, mitigate treatment or prevent disease or any other medical condition.

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