Thirty seven year old neuroanatomist, Jill Bolte Taylor, rose on the morning of Dec. 10, 1996 to start her morning routine getting ready for work. It turned out to be anything but routine.

 A blood vessel exploded in her left hemisphere leaving her unable to walk, talk, read, or write.

To understand what she experienced, it’s important to recognize how the two parts of the brain work. The right hemisphere thinks in pictures and connects us all as “energy beings” as Jill describes it. The right brain is all about being in the moment and sees us as perfect and whole. The left hemisphere thinks linearly, connecting us to past and future. It thinks and plans using language. It is the left hemisphere that creates the experience of the self as separate from everything else.

JB Taylor

Jill woke that morning with an intense pain behind her left eye. Not realizing anything was truly…

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Love your Lymph

Just a well written, informative and eye opening blog. Thank you.


Love your Lymph

I didn’t have a clue what a lymphatic system was until I was 21 years old when I learnt that mine was riddled with cancer.  Even then, I still didn’t understand this complex system fully.

Now that I am devoting my time to healing my lymphatic system, I have had to really learn to understand it and love it.

The lymphatic system is made up of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, lymph fluid, the tonsils, adenoids, the thymus and spleen and is a component of the circulatory system.

It is the best cleansing system we’ve got.  Whenever toxins or bacteria enter tissues within our body our lymphatic system picks them up, traps them in our lymph nodes and kills them with white blood cells.  You may have noticed that when you have a cold or infection your glands are swollen, these are your lymph nodes hard at work.

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Stages of Skin Cancer

This is one of those things that need to be talked about often.

Sunny Sleevez

Welcome to the 30 days of senseable sun protection. Every day in May we shall be posting information to help you make more informed choices about enjoying hte great outdoors-safely

It seems to me that most people don’t really know very much about skin cancer. There are those who definitely fear it and may even overreact in protecting themselves.

But there are a large number of people who see some changes in their skin and just figure it will go away, in time. So they ignore it and in time it may just go away.

But the next time a change occurs on their skin, it may not go away. Still yet they may just live with it until it starts to become a matter of big concern.

And even then they may need some pushing from their spouse or a true friend to go have it checked out by a…

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