“Don’t You Wish Your Pill Could Do This…?”

Without a struggle, there can be no progress.
~ Frederick Douglass

How does Cieaura and myself answer the subject of this blog? Well, the reveal comes towards the end. So you will either fast forward or exercise just a wee bit of patience by reading to the end.

Struggle and therefore disruption is very much a part of life. We see it in animals, our children, ourselves, our countries, our sports, our businesses and yes even our families and religions. And from my standpoint it is important to individual and societal progress.

We are now more aware of biological disruptions, thanks in part to Darwin. Cro-magnon replaced by Homo sapiens. Dinosaurs versus mammals etcetera. These were biological disruptions. They are relatively slow occurrences and can be considered evolutionary unless something catastrophic happens which forces the issue. That catastrophic condition could be considered revolutionary and disruptive. Biological disruption initially had two components, evolution and catastrophe. Evolution is usually a gradual shift from what was to what is. Whereas catastrophe will force the issue suddenly and quickly, wiping out most of all that came before it causing whatever is left to quickly adapt and take over. (Humankind is now the third component of this disruption)

Technological change has the same components and humankind has always been its instigator. We are the component that can and does take an active role in these disruptions. Many times the old regimes (us) are so entrenched in the old ways we either refuse to change, or change too slowly before we realize what happened. In either case a current entity or product ceases to exist, or exists in such a negligible form that it/they have a minute impact on its replacement.

For quite some time our technological prowess and therefore the disruptions that they displayed were relatvively slow — evolutionary. Examples abound. Grunts, utterances, languages, and oral traditions did not change for centuries to written words, books, libraries, and printing presses. Fire as a form of warmth, energy and manufacturing was the norm for millennium before electricity. Horses, wagons, stage coaches were the mode of transportation eons before railroads, automobiles and planes. These disruptions (changes) were gradual and relatively slow.


Enter the dawn of a new age. Some think it began during the western era called the Renaissance which began approximately around the 15th century. Followed by the Age of Enlightenment during the 16th through 18th centuries. However we could not have gotten there without the efforts of the earlier time of Plato, Pythagorus, Archemedes and his ilk. Still the changes that took place were both evolutionary and revolutionary. In other words they overlapped each other enough to not to be too abrupt, yet were not so slow as to not notice the changes. In past instances those changes were happening over human lifetimes as opposed to a human lifetime.

Unless we have been ostrich-like we in the 20th and 21st centuries are witnesses and active participants to disruptive technologies. Specifically, these changes are occurring generationally and even over shorter periods ( 25, 15, 10, 5 and 2 year spans.) instead of over millennia, eons, centuries or even decades. Is a refresher required? Well just in case, iPod vs the Walkman, the iPhone vs regular phones. The iPad vs traditional desktop computers. These are revolutionary products that disrupted the old regime. These technologies ushered in a new era to become the dominant player to almost completely replace that which came before it — disruptive.

How does Cieaura play into this. It is a disruptive technology not just in the health and wellness arena but in the “ENERGY” WELLNESS arena. •For the first time there is a technology that works with the body and not against it for it helps the body to help itself. It does so in a manner similar to acupuncture ( but without needles ) influencing, adjusting, and bringing one’s body into a more balanced state. •Our products are truly safe and effective for the entire human race irrespective of age or gender. That in itself makes it unique! But, what makes it even more unique is that it is not a pill nor a drug. • Nothing is ingested. •Nothing goes into the bloodstream. •There is no litany of side-effects. DON’T YOU [NOW] WISH YOUR PILL COULD DO THIS?

TO LEARN MORE about how I can promote your Energy Wellness contact me at Chipsterhealth@gmail.com

Changing not only the way you think, but the actions you take. Here’s to your health.
Chipsterhealth, November 07, 2013

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