We’ve Turned Conventional Thinking On “Energy Medicine” On Its Ear!

Conventional thinking.

To varying degrees we all adhere to conventional thinking on a day to day basis. It makes life easier to work with. Yet there are those of us who challenge such thinking and rightfully so. Take for example the Ptolemaic/geocentric thinking of how the universe worked. The earth was the center of the known universe and orbits were explained as being circular. That was the convention of its day that lasted say around 100 to 1600 AD. Being able to see beyond the thought of the day had much to do with the culture and the technology. This was seriously challenged by the Copernicus/heliocentric model which he brought to light. That model put sun at that center and a more precise description of the planets orbits as elliptical. The technology of the day had advanced some allowing Copernicus to correctly improve upon the conventional thought. However, the culture had not moved quite as quickly and Copernicus knowing this waited until he was virtually leaving this world before he released his findings in his publication, “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres”.

Another example of conventional thought or wisdom was that man could not, should not or would not fly. Had we been around at the genesis of human flight, you and I probably would have been of the mindset of staying on our horses and buggies also. However there were a few of us throughout time who imagined human flight. It might have been envy of birds or the loftiness of kites and balloons that kindled our imaginations to fly. Remember the story of Icarus or his various incarnations from different cultures? Or the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci’s flying contraptions.

20131030-095145.jpg Then there were the ones who took it from the realm of imagination and actually had the audacity to try human flight far ahead of when we were technically ready. These people challenged and actually dared to not only believe but manifested it. Such manifestation is embodied by each and every plane flying today all due to the 12 second 120 foot flight of the Wright Brother’s plane back in 1903.


Now Cieaura looked at and re-looked at acupuncture as it has been known for centuries. The use of very fine needles applied at specific points by trained skilled acupuncturists has been the delivery system for centuries. Conventional thinking, to a large extent has been that acupuncture needles were pretty much “the” method to attaining effective results.

And in the United Stated this culture was not ready to accept the eastern idea of Qi (chee) and meridians ( the highways that this energy flows through). As recently as the early to latter part of the 20th century the medical profession in the United States was not ready and neither was a vast portion of that population. Despite the fact that for centuries some of the most populous places on earth had effectively been using this approach to bettering the human condition, the conventional thinking in the United States was that this was quackery or worse. Thank goodness for Miriam Lee.*

Well, thank goodness for Cieaura too! I am here to tell you that Cieaura is Turning Conventional Thought On “Energy Medicine” On Its Ear! And, we are not shy about letting you know. What acupuncture does has been quantified, in a manner of speaking. The results of which are published at the highest levels in a PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL.** We act in concert with acupuncture, Qi and meridians. Cieaura is not here to replace anything or correct anything that acupuncture has done, unlike Copernicus. We are though, applying a whole new delivery system the hologram to help you through your discomfort associated with pain, allergies, lack of sleep, energy and more.

This delivery system – the holographic sticker/chip/patch has been made energetic to communicate with your body’s energy highways. Its communication adjusts, influences, and brings the body into a more balanced state similar to what acupuncture has been doing for centuries. The more balanced your body is the more it can accomplish all the wonderful things it was designed to do. This is such an elegantly beautiful approach that anyone can use this product without fear of harm being done to oneself or another.

WANT to know more about how Cieaura is Turning Conventional Thought On Its Ear in the area of “ENERGY MEDICINE” and how I can help either you or someone you know on a physical level or even a financial level, then feel free to contact me!

Changing not only the way you think, but the actions you take. Here’s to your health.
Chipsterhealth, October 30, 2013

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Cieaura products do not diagnose, cure, mitigate treatment or prevent disease or any other medical condition.

Content published here is not read or approved by CieAura before it is posted and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of CieAura.

* Miriam Lee – “The Rosa Parks Of Acupuncture”

** PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL – Alternative Therapies published in The Index Medicus.


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