Warning, Warning! Your Pain Reliever Can Cause Liver Damage.

Are any of you old enough to remember the late 1960s TV show Lost In Space? Or maybe some of you younger ones have seen the reruns. In that TV series when danger of a certain degree became apparent or present a robot named Robot would begin flailing its arms shouting out “Warning, warning, warning”!

Because I believe that there was so little press on what I am about to tell you, I thought it necessary to be the symbolic flailing Robot on my blog. Well, WARNING, WARNING, WARNING! ACETAMINOPHEN the key component in Tylenol can [does] cause LIVER FAILURE and without fore warning. It was already on the packaging but now it is being put on the TOP of the CAPS that you must take off. Here it will definitely be more noticeable and hopefully people will be paying more attention. Initially this will only be on bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol sold in the U.S. beginning in October 2013.


NOW this drug ACETAMINOPHEN is so pervasive that it is in over 600 other products that are not even prescriptions! 600! (1) This product seriously affects almost 80,000 people in the United States annually and is responsible for deaths as well. These may seem like small numbers to many until you are personally affected by it. Another thing one should be aware of is that adult drugs containing Acetaminophen should not be given to children, period.

So what can one do to deal with discomfort? Well, I can offer a possible alternative. This product acts on the principles of TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ). The term “medicine” in this case is a misnomer because in both cases medicine as defined by the west does not apply. You see we use no medicine whatsoever. Nothing enters your body, not a drug. Not a needle. The technical term for this is non-transdermal. Therefore we have no side effects. We communicate with the Qi of our bodies using its energy highways ( meridians) to adjust, influence, and bring balance to your body as acupuncture would do. Once your body is in a more balanced state it can do a better job of doing what it is inherently built to do — help itself. We use a HOLOGRAPHIC CHIP called PURERELIEF to do just what I described above.

Changing not only the way you think, but the actions you take. Here’s to your health.
Chipsterhealth, September 16, 2013

READ more about Cieaura’s approach to helping you with your discomfort and hear what Dr. Gupta is saying.
START HERE: http://chipmeglennc.cieaura.com/pure_relief.html

WATCH and LISTEN to Juana talk about how this Cieaura’s PureRelief “chip” helped her.”

NOTE: Use Your Earbuds! You Do Not Want To Miss A Word Of What Juana Is Saying.

MORE testimonials are available on my YouTube Channel, Chipsterhealth.

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(1) A List Of The Drugs Containing ACETAMINOPHEN.


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