My Salute To Bloggers.

My Salute To Bloggers.

Those of us blogging know why we blog and why the topics we write about are important to us. We each bring something to the table that is truly of benefit. We believe that you our readers will be interested as well. Why would any of us be interested? BECAUSE! The writings of Interestingliterature’s blog bring about that [ Aha! ] moment as well as joy. Or they educate and give better insight into our body’s workings which many of us have been looking for as Extolerant’s blogs do. They help us to be more atuned to our bodies and the things we put into them as Blossoming Wellness’ blog conveys. We show that even after serious illness that we can be and should be quite pro active personally in creating an environment more conducive to our body’s well being, naturally. Inverness, accomplishes that through her blogs. Then there is the BunnyandPorkBelly’s blog of scintillating pictures of great looking foods and her tastebud critiques that sometimes leaves one salivating. Let me not forget physicians like Dr. Pouya Shafipour and his staff. [ I purposely used the term physician as opposed to doctor here because — physician comes from an ancient Greek noun φύσις (physis) and its derived adjective physikos, meaning “nature” and “natural] (1) He and his staff work tirelessly towards preventative means primarily using holistic means of aiding our bodies. They express their works through their Wellesley Medical blog. Add to this a burgeoning artist blog ( Katy Jade Dobson Art ) who draws you into her artwork with each stroke somehow getting that work to jump off the canvas at its viewer. Lastly, but not least there is Adventures, Aspirations and Aha Moments blog who lets us into her world on a personal level that each of us can find something we can identify with.

There are tons of other blogs out there probably doing or trying to do the same thing for this public forum is huge. What used to be a local forum is now a global one. Some of these blogs require ethical responsibilty because their information can benefit or not benefit the body beautiful. Others require no such responsibility. But they bring positives in some form or another. Each of these blogs that I am familiar with and admire continually amaze me with their content and their abilities to pull me in with “Aha” moments as Cathy Laws says. As for myself, each keystroke’s intent is to deliver informative, interesting, productive and sometimes fun content while at the same time bringing an ethical responsibility to get the word out. What I blog about truly delivers benefits on top of benefits improving the quality of people’s lives. Though I am not a doctor I take to heart the intent of their oathes or promises …. “First, do no harm” ( Primum non nocere in Latin).

Changing not only the way you think, but the actions you take. Here’s to your health.
Chipsterhealth, August 28, 2013

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(1) English etymology:


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