Tragic Story? Nope. Tragic Incident, TRIUMPHANT STORY!

Tragic incident, triumphant story.

“There is so much about my fate that I cannot control, but other things do fall under the jurisdiction. I can decide how I spend my time, whom I interact with, whom I share my body and life and money and energy with. I can select what I can read and eat and study. I can choose how I’m going to regard unfortunate circumstances in my life-whether I will see them as curses or opportunities. I can choose my words and the tone of voice in which I speak to others. And most of all, I can choose my thoughts.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

This is Gloria’s story about her tragic incident that she turned into a triumphant story.

Traveling on a California Highway to Las Vegas with my family back in 2000 for a short vacation an accident occurred that would completely alter my life in a matter of seconds. We were talking, listening to music like most of us would do as we go to our vacation spots. And, though we all know that accidents happen it is not something that we dote on much. If we did, none of us would probably drive. It is sort of like the aspect of dying. We all know that it is an inevitability but if we let it really get to us we may not ever live. So, on this fateful day the unexpected happened. My family and I were in a horrific car accident not of my doing. Out of nowhere it seemed, I got hit by an 18 wheeler carrying tons of rebar that had lost its brakes. My car went up in the air and tumbled over six times. It was hit with such force that I and my passengers were thrown across the highway into oncoming traffic and hit again by another 18 wheeler! That hit hurled my car down the highway embankment. That tangled mess of metal once know as a car was just that. Myself and others in the vehicle once know as human beings now looked liked broken rag dolls. The paramedics had said, to bring body bags because they felt that no one in my vehicle had survived. It was that mangled. But we did survive. I was the last to be extricated from a space in the car that I truly did not know how I wound up there let alone fit. I had a broken neck and a crushed spine. Here is what was incredible to me besides my survival.

Based on what the paramedics, firemen, and the doctors had said, I was not supposed to be alive. My mangled cars condition and ours left these professional seriously doubting that we’d survive. They were so convinced that body bags were there because it was felt that no one was alive. Crushed spine and broken neck. I can remember one of the doctors at the hospital saying “I do not think that I was going to make it. So he requested a specialist. The specialist whispers in my ear that he didn’t know what would happen to me but he was going to start by snapping my neck back. Weights are being brought in and the doctor was yelling that he needed more weights. Once that was done the next step was surgery. Remember, I could only respond by blinking my eyes. I came out of the surgery having being stabilized. I was put back together with mesh, rods, metal pins and pieces of bone from my hip. I had to wear a halo for quite some time.

From the start of this ordeal I was told that I probably would not live because my heart could not take it. Too much trauma. During my early stay in the hospital, I had been told that a football player had broken his neck and that he died. It was from his heart not being able to handle the trauma, not the neck injury. Then I am told that I would be paralyzed for the rest of my life and would be in a worse condition Christopher Reeves. There did not appear to be a lot of encouragement. So from a psychological point I am being constantly bombarded by negative comments. I was determined to overcome all of this.

Yes, I am alive. I am NOT supposed to be walking. But, that accident left me in excruciating pain The pain has been severe at times. On a scale of 1 to 10 it goes off scale to 15. I have been on a 13 year rehabilitation journey of body mind and soul. Mind you, I am still going to therapy and have used every type of rehabilitation suggested and known. Physical therapy, Chiropractic, acupuncturist, massage therapist. You name the procedure I have had it on the way to recovery. I have been on every kind of pain drug known to humankind too, and then some. I did not realize that there were so many different types of Vicodin. Demerol, morphine drip, dormeset. And despite all this the pain has persisted.

About two months ago my knees began bothering me. I was told I needed surgery. But, I might be able to reduce the pain or prolong needing surgery by losing 1lb. Yes, ONE POUND! According to my doctor me losing 1lb would be like losing 800lbs. I figured that I could do that!
But I did not want anymore surgery. I was told my heart cannot take anymore stress of that type. One thing that I learned from this accident is that sometimes things force one to make needed changes if one wants to survive.

Now stay with me here. Because, it may seem that I am about to throw you a curve in telling this story but in a sense that’s what I thought too. But, without that seemingly curve I would not be telling this story.

A friend of mine had been losing weight over a relatively short period of time. It was very noticeable to me. So knowing that I had to lose this ONE POUND, I asked her what she was doing? You may not believe her answer. She said, “I can show you but I do not know what it is called.” Now you tell me how that happens especially if results are definitely taking place. She showed me a wrist band and a few things she called stickers that were stuck to her body. I asked her if that was it. She said that there were a few other things but this was what did a lot of the work. I could not understand how she did not know what it was. But she said there would be a meeting that I could attend to get that information.

So, I attended the meeting. And as the speaker began, the first question asked was did anyone here have pain? Well, I was definitely puzzled. I came to find out how I could lose that ONE POUND so I could avoid surgery. BUT, as you already know I do have pain and now it was in my knees. So, up goes my hand! This speaker walks over to me puts something that looked like a piece of tape in my hand and asks three specific questions, what kind of pain, where it was located and was I open. You bet I was. But like Peter who was asked to walk on water I still had some doubts, however small. I am now looking at this sticker in my hand and wondering if it will really work. My mind now is really confused and is thinkng about several things at once. I came here to find out about losing weight. I am also trying to pay attention to the speaker who just happens to be a highly respected doctor explaining that NO DRUGS were involved, nothing enters the body, and that there were no side-effects. So, I went for the whole “Enchilada” I had those pieces of tape looking things called PURE RELIEF CHIPS put not only on my knees but my back where the other pain had been tormenting me since the accident. Right towards the end of the meeting which was a little over an hour later, I was asked what I was feeling. My reply was, I feel a little better. In my mind though, I was thinking that it was psychosomatic! It was then that I was told that I would feel even better over the next several days. Day, two I absolutely felt better and by the weeks end even better! At that point, I was the one asking when the next meeting was. I ran to that meeting so I could get me more of those chips! You see when you’re in constant extreme pain like me you’re always looking for that magic bullet to ease that pain. My pain has been reduced from a (OUT OF MY HEAD) level 15 type of pain to an average of between a 1 and a 5 level. I am now a happy customer of this phenominal product!

This is just one person’s story among countless others that hopefully will inspire you or someone you know. You see, most of us have an ability to turn a tragic incident into something positive. Gloria was asked something along the lines of if she was worse off because of what happened to her and the pain she has endured over the years. Her reply was, adamantly no. She had the audacity to say that she was actually a better person because of what happened to her despite her trials and tribulations. She chose her thoughts as much as she could. And those thoughts translated to how she perceived and responded to unfortunate circumstances of her life. She turned it into a triumph which reflects the opening quote by Elizabeth Garret.

Changing not only the way you think but the actions you take. Here’s to your health.
Chipsterhealth, July 29, 2013

Gloria has lost that ONE POUND using BODY REVOLUTION also by Cieaura. Since she found it easy to do she decided not to stop.
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It’s All In The Wrist — Band

It’s All In The Wrist — band


The difference between the CieAura wristbands and most others on the market is that the others ionize the band while CieAura infuses an energetic formula. No other company making wristbands has the same technology that CieAura has. No other wrist- band besides CieAura wristbands are infused with intrinsic energy.

First let’s review ionization. An atom is composed of a nucleus consisting of neutrons and positively charged protons. Negatively charged electrons orbit the nucleus. An electrically balanced atom is one which has equal numbers of protons and electrons. When the number of electrons differs, you have an ion, or an atom with a positive or negative charge. A positive ion is one that is short at least one electron and a negative ion is one with at least one extra electron. Negative ions are produced naturally by nature. Evaporating water is the most common (like a waterfall or surf at a beach.) To our knowledge, no studies have been done on the effects of relatively low amounts of ionization found in ionized wristbands.

Almost all “Energy” or “Balance” wristbands on the market are purchased and charged in China. The charging process is called ionization. The wristbands are bombarded with electrons until some stick and negative ions are achieved. When these bands are measured with a meter, the negative electrical imbalance is what is being measured. This is why they only have one type of product. This is the method by which Power Balance bands are ionized and made.

CieAura, on the other hand, infuses the wristband with an intrinsic energy formula. This energy operates in the arena of Quantum Mechanics. Right now, there is no known device that can measure the intrinsic energy on a wristband, but the effects of intrinsic energy can be measured. Very strong acupuncture points for the energy formula are found in the wrist, making it ideal for a wristband. This is done using physics, not chemicals, so there are no drug induced effects such as a high like you get after taking caffeine. With the CieAura wristbands, you feel normal, but you have more energy, better balance, more mental clarity, and more mental focus.

The formulas used in the CieAura holographic chips can be changed to produce different effects such as getting a good night’s rest, managing discomfort, relieving sinus or allergy symptoms, or controlling weight. It is the combination of the proper formulas in addition to the proper placement of the holographic chips based on acupuncture points that produces such effective results.

Everyone has energetic fields surrounding his or her body. CieAura wristbands are charged with an intrinsic energy formula designed specifically to optimize energy flow. The intrinsic energies within the CieAura wristbands interact externally with the body’s energy fields. The energetic charge within the wristband interacts with and allows the body to naturally balance itself. Here, balancing the body means optimizing the energy flow or qi in the body. Qi, translated from Chinese is “lifeforce” or “energy flow”. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) asserts that the body has natural patterns of qi that circulate in channels called meridians. The natural meridians in our body get out of balance and results in blockages of energy flow. The body works to correct these energy flows; however, there is rarely if ever a balance in our body that keeps plus and minus (Yin and Yang), energy, concentration, and stamina at the optimum levels. Traditional Chinese medicine often seeks to relieve these imbalances by adjusting the circulation of qi using a variety of techniques including herbology, food therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and physical training such as martial arts. As an indicator of optimum qi, some martial arts use a demonstration called the “immovable body”. This is also called “rooting” or “anchoring” to the earth. When a person is rooted, his energy balance is excellent and it is significantly harder to tip the person over.

Changing not only the way you think but the actions you take. Here’s to your health.
Chipsterhealth, July 22, 2013


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Cieaura products do not diagnose, cure, mitigate treatment or prevent disease or any other medical condition.

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A.D.H.D and A.D.D. [A Mother’s Journey]

Back in April of this year I wrote a blog on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder entitled [ A.D.H.D. and Socrates. Really? ]. At the end of the blog I had asked those reading that blog — to keep watching for an upcoming blog on a very personal story about one mother’s trying and loving experience to help her children with A.D.H.D. and A.D.D. and how Cieaura was able to help her. That story will be told in part here followed up by a video of MaryAnne candidly talking about her experiences and finally as she put it, ‘having hope again’. However, before I go there let me give an overview of that previous blog.

Here again are a few things to think about. Kids have been rambunctious for a very long time. Our youth have always provoked us adults throughout the ages. We probably have talked about it as long as we have learned to communicate with each other. And, people have been writing about this just as long as there has been written words. Socrates’ writings confirm this at least that far back as his time period. So with that in mind are the youth of the 20th and 21st centuries any different in this regard? Or are we as parents, educators, doctors – adults, not as patient with our children? Is the issue as pervasive as it appears to be ( on the scale of nearly 7 million in the U.S. alone ) that we are going straight to medicating our kids as the first or second line of defense as opposed to a last line? Are our children being mis-diagnosed as some have suggested substituting A.D.H.D. for rambunctiousness? After all garbage collectors are now called sanitation engineers. No jokes aside, I believe these are serious questions and I hope that this is provoking serious soul searching and action that precludes going straight to medicating.

Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta and Vyvanse are being used at an alarming rates! A 16 % increase from 2007 to the present and a 53% increase in the last decade according to one study. That translates into about SIX and a half MILLION CHILDREN! Sales of stimulants to treat A.D.H.D. have more than doubled to $9 billion in 2012 from $4 billion in 2007, according to the health care information company IMS Health. (1) It is said these drugs improve lives helping these kids to study better, focus better etcetera, but at what cost? The downside of these sometimes called “kiddie cocaine” drugs are said to cause more anxiety, possible psychosis and addiction and other yet discovered side-effects. Is this truly a panacea or the equivalent of the wolf in sheeps clothing?

Yes, we live in a very fast paced, polluted and hectic society. These are definite and legitimate concerns coming from so many different areas than were present in Socrates’ time. We have diet concerns (GMOs and more), Cell Phone and EMF radiation concerns (2), mercury, lead and waste material concerns, poor maternal education and parents relinquishing their parental duties alongside single parenting, Organophosphate pesticides, and device and technology overexposure.(3) So what are parents to do? Hmmmm. What every caring parent has done since there have been parents. Question, read, research, ask more questions then take action based on the best possible information that we gather. Yes our job is much more challenging today because there is so much more thrown at us. But, we supposedly are much more capable than Socrates ever was, aren’t we?

By now many of you reading my blogs or viewing my videos know that I am in the health and wellness business with emphasis on energy wellness through the use of holographic chips that look either like stickers or band-aids. This product works on the principles of Qi (chee) and meridians which are acupuncture’s energy highways, but with one big difference there are no needles used. Nothing goes into the skin for the product is non-transdermal. Additionally, there are no side-effects. My intent is to educate, inform, and piqué your interest enough to want to closely look into the how this phenominal product could possibly assist you. It is a paradigm shift in the way that we can be proactive in helping our body help itself with benefits both physically and financially. So with that in mind here is a brief introduction to MaryAnne, a mother of 3.

MaryAnne’s Story Of Hope. (abridged version)

Several months ago I was introduced to a young mother of three children ages 11, 9 and 7 who all have been diagnosed with A.D.H.D. or A.D.D.. These children’s mother had been reaching out for help for them. They were prescribed Ritalin and taking something MaryAnne did not do as a first option nor something she relished doing.

“I am a stay at home mom.”

“I have 3 children ages 7, 9 and 11. They all have been diagnosed with either A.D.H.D. and A.D.D.. It is apparently hereditary in my case with me being the culprit. Though all of my children are very smart they have had behavioral issues that have gone beyond what many professionals descibe as normal. These issues affected how we interacted at home, at school, with grandparents and with other people. Those of you with children like this know what I am talking about first hand.”

“Through what some might call a chance meeting, I happened to be talking with one of my neighbors about my dire situation. He told me that he might be able to help. He was involved with a company that was using some pretty intriguing products. My neighbor claimed that these products might benefit them. I asked what it was and if any harm could come by my children using them? He told me that they were holographic chips that looked like stickers and worked on the principles of acupuncture. He assured me that no harm would come to my children. Then he proceeded to tell me about a doctor who had been using these products on children with these types of behavioral problems with consistent and amazing results. He put me in touch with that doctor and after sharing my concerns and desires with him I decided to try the products on one of my 3 children. Truly I was like two sides of the same coin here. My emotions were raised and lowered at the same time. I was wanting miraculous results ( Unrealistic right?) and at the same time I was trying to keep my expectations low just in case this “next best thing” did not work. I was, I guess the edge of the coin. Well, call it a miracle, call it science, call it whatever you want but results my child got. The first day of use, my son got his first reward which he seldom received before. Hmmm. Yes, I thought it was a fluke. Sort of mind over matter, though I cannot remember if I had told him anything about these products or not at this time. His rewards continued for the entire week! Unheard of! This continued into the next week which ended with a call from his teacher. Oh oh I thought. I knew it was too good to be true, I thought to myself. So, I went to see this teacher expecting not good news. To my dismay, I received just the opposite. My son’s behaviour and work was now becoming exemplary even to the point that he was able to write his first essay by himself! The aha moment had arrived! These products were working. Period.”

There is much more to this story before and after. For now go to the YouTube video and watch MaryAnne candidly talk about how she and her children have benefitted from Cieaura’s products.

Oops! I almost forgot. Here is how you can watch MaryAnne’s heartfelt story.
Titled “CieAura’s PURE ENERGY AND CX2 Bracelets: A Mother’s Heartfelt Discussion.




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You will do yourself a disservice by not watching both parts!

Changing not only the way you think but the actions you take. Here’s to your health.
Chipsterhealth, July 16, 2013

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The Alternative Therapies Journal in The Index Medicus.

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This is a drawing by one of MaryAnne’s children thanking Cieaura for helping them.


Cieaura products do not diagnose, cure, mitigate treatment or prevent disease or any other medical condition.

Content published here is not read or approved by CieAura before it is posted and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of CieAura.


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An Aficionado Of …

An Aficionado of …..

What is it about feeling so strong about something that you appear to eat, breath, sleep and live it day to day — well almost. ( smiling) Is that fanaticism? Is it being a zealot? Not in my case. A zealot, I am definitely not. That is someone who puts themselves in an uncompromising position. A fanatic? Not! I am not an extremist by any stretch of the imagination.

So what am I in regards to Cieaura, the product, the company, the people who I am fortunate to be able to assist both physically and financially, and those I have the privilege and honor to learn from and work with?

I am an Aficionado/Enthusiast who loves doing what he does each day that he wakes up. It allows me another opportunity to help at least one more person with health related issues — without drugs and without side effects. As an added benefit I show those willing and interested how to fish, so that they have a much better opportunity of eating for a life time.

How many of you can say these things about that which you do on a daily basis?

Can I be of assistance? Care to join me?

Changing not only the way you think but the actions you take. Here’s to your health.
Chipsterhealth, July 09, 2013

READ more about Cieaura’s approach to energy wellness with validation at the highest level. The Alternative Therapies Journal in The Index Medicus.

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WATCH and listen to some testimonials on how Cieaura is helping others. Go to YouTube. TYPE Chipsterhealth in the search window.

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Cieaura products do not diagnose, cure, mitigate treatment or prevent disease or any other medical condition.

Content published here is not read or approved by CieAura before it is posted and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of CieAura.