“Chronic Back Pain? 423% Drug Addiction Increase? AN ALTERNATIVE.”

Was the 423% increase an exaggeration? Could be. It is definitely not an exaggeration though that “pill popping” because of this problem has grown at an alarming rate. However, are you interested learning about something you could be using right now that has a proven 80% efficacy.* of helping to diminish your discomfort without the use of the addicting, side-effect producing pharmaceuticals (drugs). Read on. It goes without saying that you be the judge and decide how important your well being is.



“More U.S. health care dollars are spent treating back and neck pain than almost any other medical condition, but much of that money may be wasted, a new study suggests. Researchers from the University of Washington, Seattle, found that the nation’s dramatic rise in expenditures for the diagnosis and treatment of back and neck problems has not led to expected improvements in patient health.”

“Overall, pharmaceutical expenditures related to back and neck pain increased by 188% between 1997 and 2005, but cost associated with prescription narcotics rose by a whopping 423%.”

“University of Washington Medical Center clinician Richard Deyo, MD, MPH, tells WebMD that increasing use of the newer narcotics such as the drugs Vicodin and OxyContin is largely responsible for the increase, even though their use for chronic pain is controversial. He says patients need to recognize that the drugs have MANY potential side effects, including drowsiness, persistent constipation, and sexual dysfunction.’

‘Deyo co-directs the University of Washington Center for Cost and Outcomes Research, and he was a co-author of the study. “We still don’t know much about their long-term efficacy and safety for chronic back pain,” he says. “PATIENTS NEED TO UNDERSTAND that if they take these (opioid) medications long term, after a few months it will be DIFFICULT to stop. And there is pretty good evidence that long-term use may actually INCREASE SENSITIVITY to PAIN.” (1)

Alarming! I should say so! Chronic back pain! It bothers you from minute to minute, day to day, week to week, month to month and sometimes even year to year. You have tried this, and tried that. Some of you may have found a solution. Others are still searching. Some of you are using allopathic approaches. Others holistic and homeopathic approaches. Yet, some of you are combining all approaches. Whatever your particular [ this ] or [ that ] chronic pain is quite real and affects your daily life and those around you too.

Does everyone have chronic back pain? Thank goodness, no. However, the majority of us will experience this at some point in our lives and unfortunately it appears more frequently as we age. What causes this problem? Well other than, genetics which can be attributed to degenerative aspects, osteoporosis, arthritis and spinal stenosis to name just a few or some other serious disease such as arthritis or diabetes we usually inflict it upon ourselves. We neglect excercises that can strengthen our back and abdomen muscles to minimize the chance of injury or we do too much too soon. We lift something the wrong way something that is too heavy causing spraining, straining, and spasms, in our back. For kids it could be back packs with too many books in them. Obesity, pregnancy, bad posture, sleeping the wrong way also puts unwanted stress on our spinal columns. The pain associated with these last ones usually go away once the weight is lost, the child is born, posture or sleeping position is corrected.

For the other serious issues, a pinched nerve, ruptured or compressed spinal discs put some type of disruption on the transmissions of signals that assist our locomotion thereby causing pain. Our disc start losing fluid with age. That fluid acts as a shock absorber and helps with flexibility. Think about the times that you might have stepped off of a curb without paying attention. Do you rememer the shock that was transmitted through your back? That fluid helped to absorb and spread the force more evenly to minimize what you did. The lessening or abscense of that fluid would have inflicted much greater pain and longer lasting too.

Though it may not make you feel better, you are not alone in your pain or desperation to find a solution to either eliminate it or diminish it. 80 plus billion dollars per year is spent dealing with this problem in the United States. Do you realize what that number represents? Let’s put it this way, we are spending as much on back pain issues as we do on cancer and arthritis combined. And the results are UNDERWHELMING.

You should be aware by now that most if not all allopathic approaches have side effects like allergic reactions, depression, drowsiness, judgment impairment, decreased reaction time, and potential for addiction, and even increasing pain. So ingesting these opioids, analgesics (ingested or topical), anticonvulsants or products that contain salicylates, which some people may have a high sensitivity to, may give you temporary relief but present other problems for your body. Apparently though, these down sides have not stopped nor slowed the pace for either these things being prescribed or us asking for them.

Unless it has been determined that surgery is necessary, chiropractic and acupuncture have been shown to be effective. Cold compresses as well as hot ones and very warm baths seem to bring relief too. Exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back muscles such as stretching exercises, yoga swimming, walking, and correct posture all can and do help improve or minimize back pain.

And now you can look at another approach based on acupuncture. It is called needle-less acupuncture. This new technology called a holographic chip (it looks like a sticker) employs the principles of Qi (chee) and the meridians of acupuncture. It influences, adjusts and balances your body like acupuncture so that your body can help itself. There are absolutely no needles. There are no drugs involved. They are non-transdermal (nothing enters your body). And you can use it yourself without fear of bodily reprisals.

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March 27, 2013

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(1) Reference: WebMD


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      But to convey an idea that Mother Teresa said. ‘I may not be able to change the world singlehandedly, but I can definitely cause a ripple’. Notice that I put just a single mark at the beginning and end of that because it is not a direct quote. It is our combined efforts that can cause a positive shift.

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