An Epiphany! It Talks To Your Body.

Have you ever had that time where you could classify it as an epiphanous moment! Adam and Eve got it though a bit late. The first man or woman had it when they figured a way to make their own fires. Isaac Newton had it when he surmised that an apple and the moon were both affected by the same force. Galen had it when he tried to remove a patient’s heart and discovered that it was necessary to live. Darwin had it when he came up with the evolution idea. The person who invented the bikini had one. Those who were on the doomed land mass called Atlantis had them enmass. Even Noah did. He realized that after his many days on water that he was perpetuating inbreeding. Steve Jobs had it when he moved forward on his iPod, iPhone and iPad ideas! J. Paul Getty had it when he realized that it is better to have 1% from 100 people’s efforts than necessarily 100% of 1 person’s effort!. Or was it the ancient pharoahs? Such moments usually change the course of history or at least the course of our own individual lives.

Well, I have had them too! But sometimes one stands out more than others. One of mine was just before a singing event that took place in front of at least 400 + people. It was a first time opportunity with a top notch professional actor, pianist and singer, named Hugh Laurie! Just as each of us needs air to breath it is even more so of singers. And the other is being able to turn that anxiety into focused energy.

On this night of which would become one of the most important nights of my life, I became stopped up and was unable to get in enough air. My anxiety level was on red alert! Now for the record I do have allergies. Sometimes they are worse than at other times. On this particular night though I believe they flaired up due to anxiety on a grand scale. That is when I had that epiphanous moment.

I had remembered that I had some new technology on my person for sinus/allergies, focus and energy that would communicate with my body to help return it to a more balanced state. They would help my body to help itself. I kept them handy for those times when my allergies flaired from airborne stuff that affected me. I was not sure they would work for my clogged sinuses due to my anxiety. But that is why we have epiphanies to possibly change the course of a moment with impact! And, so I applied them about 15 to 20 minutes before I was to be called on stage.

So what did I use? I used something that works on the principles of acupuncture without the use of one single needle. Some call them stickers. But its official name is a HOLOGRAPHIC CHIP. In my case I used two types of chips. One was a Sinus/Allergy chip of which I used two. And the other was a Pure Energy Plus chip. I used two of them as well. What followed?

Only The Greatest Performance of My Life!

Go here for your epiphany:

To your Your Health, Chipsterhealth
February 10, 2013

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