Leeches for Obesity? No, But…

What do leeches have to do with obesity? Very little if at all today. How else could I have gotten your attention? But once upon time a story had been told of a king who was so obese that leeches were used to suck out his excess fat. False or true I do not know. But what is true is that being obese causes many problems.

Obesity increases the very real possibility of contracting diabetes type 2, fosters high blood pressure and, increases the risk of heart disease. Obesity shortens life, causes painful bodily symptoms, knee and joint pain to name one of them, and opens us up to a multitude of other diseases. It even affects us psychologically.

But something quite unique and marvelous occurred all because of the principles and practice of acupuncture. Needle-less acupuncture! Now that is something to listen to! The principles of acupuncture applied to what looks like a sticker. Only it is not a sticker but a holographic chip. These “chips” have formulas on them that when strategically placed on your body tap into its energy field. The intent – to return your body to a more balanced state so that your body can better help itself without drugs and side effects!

And, this is the FOUNDATION of BODY REVOLUTION. That is not all though read on.

• Holographic chips are placed at acupuncture points on your body thereby helping to DECREASE your appetite.

• A wrist band worn around your wrist, employing the same technology but with a different purpose – that being to INCREASE metabolism.

So where does this leave you? Well, for sure not using the leeches. BODY REVOLUTION, MAYBE?

Learn more about BODY REVOLUTION at: http://chipmeglennc.cieaura.com/body_revolution.html

To Your Health,
Jan. 16, 2013

Thank goodness that kind of approach (leeches) are no longer utilized to remove fat, or are they? -;)

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