Yes, there is a relationship here, however please bear with me just a bit longer.

The end of each sees us looking at the things we accomplished and that which we did not. We go into each new year beginning with so many well intended self promises. Towards the top of many people’s lists is the promise to ourselves to lose weight. But more importantly, we forget the promise to keep it off. Such a worthy, healthy and well intentioned cause. However by the end of a 365 day period we are back where we began or sometimes worse.


Our weight issues are like weeds. Unless we can get to the root of our weight issues and not the surface it will continue to grow and grow back repeatedly just like weeds do.

In this very personal instance there must be a fundamental shift in the way that we see and think about ourselves followed by a sustainable action. In other words, a thought, an incident, a visual must take place to incite and ignite the desire to change. A smoker could change in an instant at seeing someone dear to them dying from the effects of years of smoking. Yet, a drunk may change gradually over time seeing someone dear to them, dying from alcoholism or an accident due to drinking. Don’t get me wrong, it does not have to be something so dramatic to affect the change. It could be as undramatic as when I was trying on a new pair of pants in my size 38 waist and found that I could not zip them all the way and then proceeded to try other 38s thinking that it was not me but the pants. Well, it was me. And I knew and acknowleded the root cause. That is what caused my paradigm shift. And yes, I am again fitting into those 38s and will continue to do so.

I had stated in my first blog that information and access to that information in the 21st century was available at unprecedented levels. Because of that, profound paradigm shifts are taking place in health and wellness. But I neglected to include the profound shift in people’s attitudes and approaches to health and wellness as well. It is here that change appears to be moving even more rapidly. It is here that we are acknowledging that when we get to the root of things we can affect change for the better. Pulling up the problem from the root like weeds is important, but more crucial is the necessity to replace it with something — and something better. That something better in the case of fulfilling your New Year’s resolution for beginning and succeeding at weight management is Cieaura’s BODY REVOLUTION. It revolves around its bracelet that helps puts your body in a position to increase METABOLISM and holographic chips to help it REDUCE appetite.


Search for your root cause. Find it. Uproot it. Replace it with something beneficial — Cieaura’s BODY REVOLUTION. We combine the best of past and present in the holistic homeopathic arenas and it will do the “grunt work” for you in a truly profound way — allowing you to keep the weight off!

We sometimes need a reminder as to how marvelous our minds and bodies are. And, we all need help from someone, something, someplace at sometime, right? What better place and time to begin than right now.

Why wait until January 2014? You can get a head start NOW with BODY REVOLUTION at:

Here’s to your health, and changing not only the way you think but the actions you take.
Chipsterhealth, Dec. 03 2013

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8 thoughts on “WEEDS, HUMANS and WEIGHT

    • Trudy, let me tell you. Because I had been a really scrawny kid ( I could walk through a pair of harp strings forward) until my late 30s sometimes one needs to be shocked into making a change. Seeing that 40 inch waist was my shocker and for some reason once there one skips 42 and jumps right to a 44 or beyond. I saw that coming and said AIN’T NO WAY! Lol

  1. “Unless we can get to the root of our weight issues and not the surface it will continue to grow and grow back repeatedly just like weeds do.” <— Love this. I want to drop 15 lbs and do it

    • Alex, you got! Was it Stephen Covey who basically coined the change one’s habit in 21 days idea? One cannot just tear the old habit down but replace it with something designed to be beneficial.

  2. It is so true that we have to address the root cause of the problem in order to sustain the positive change. Love your creativity. 🙂

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