Acupuncture Past and Present

Acupuncture Past and Present

Human memory in certain instances is sometimes short. I think a perfect example is child birthing. How many woman talk about how bad the pain is, yet children continue to be born and thank goodness. So, as to the actual origins of acupuncture one of mankind’s oldest medical practices, who really knows?

Here is what is documented. The Nei Ching Classic of Internal Medicine from China and written in Chinese is claimed to be the oldest known book on the topic. And not surprisingly it alludes to the fact that acupuncture had been practiced long before the book’s writing or compilation, — about 2700 years ago.

Based on available information, acupuncture had been taught through apprenticeship as opposed to established academic schools until around 500 AD when institutions began to teach this skill. It took another 500 plus years to develop a more accurate consistent method for testing students — the holed bronze statue. This method of teaching devoped by practioner Wang Wei – I used a holed statue (the holes represented acupuncture points) filled with water and the statue was covered by wax. The wax prevented the students from seeing the acupuncture points. So those students who passed must have been exceptional! Think of the multitude of points on the human body. In order to get that water to flow out of that statue the passing student had to have extremely accurate placement! Almost like reverse Pin The Tail On The Donkey.

Acupuncture was not exclusive to China though, for Acupunture was used in India too. Both cultures used herbs, plants and acupuncture in their medical practices. But it appears that emphasis was placed more on the herbal side in Indian society and more on the acupuncture side in Chinese society, initially. Despite where the emphasis was placed both cultures may have virtually practiced acupuncture almost for as many eons.

It has taken almost 300 years for acupuncture practices to gain acceptance in western society. Thank the French and former president of the United States, Richard M. Nixon. The French introduced it through two 17th century publications “The Secrets of Chinese Medicine” and the “Perfect Knowledge of The Pulse”. Richard Nixon assisted its growth in the U.S. when he opened up relations with China during the second half of the 20th century.

No one discipline, whether it be allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy or acupuncture is capable of resolving all bodily issues. We have learned that our ancients had a handle on the body’s workings. Western society is really just beginning to fully acknowledge this and therefore we are re-learning and applying what our ancestors already knew.

The 21st century has brought about an unparalleled expansion and understanding of how our bodies work, how legitimate ancient therapies work, and integrating them with modern technologies. One of those technologies is what we call needle-less acupuncture by Cieaura. Like its predecessor acupuncture, Cieaura’s holographic chips help to return our bodies to a balanced state through natural means. Unlike acupuncture no needles are used. Unlike acupuncture the expertise needed is as easy as being able to place the chip as shown, drinking water, and allowing the chip to remain in place for a period of time.

Our bodies are so marvelous that many times it will repair itself with just a little help. After all we all need help from something, someone or someplace at sometime, right? What better place to begin.

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Here’s to your health, and changing not only the way you think but the actions you take.
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