Paradigm Shifts and Health

A Paradigm is something that is what it is and has been whether it be a pattern, a particular thought, a particular way of life. Every once in a while though some person, knowledge, way of life, skill, or product comes along and not only creates a different way of doing things, but a better way to do things. The impact is so tremendous that it causes an upheaval, a shift away from and a shift towards something different and new and hopefully beneficial.

Beginning with speech, our ability to do more than grunts and groans allowed us to more accurately get our thoughts understood. Oral traditions, the centuries old way of passing on information from one generation to another, began taking a back seat as the first written language by the Sumerians caused another paradigm shift.

The invention of fire and the wheel allowed us to better protect ourselves from animals and the elements. It increased our mobility and thus our socialization. They both helped us to create not only better stoneware but allowed progression to the bronze, copper and iron ages at what was then considered a rapid pace.

Fire benefitted us in the health and well being arenas too. The practices of ayurveda and acupuncture conceptualized the idea of energy pathways in our bodies where energy flowed for better or for worse. We learned how to improve our healing and health through the use of plants, herbs and needles that tapped into those pathways. Mastery of fire improved effectiveness and potency for ayurveda procedures and it allowed us to create more precision needles for even better acupuncture treatments. Fire allowed us to sterilize, heat, boil liquids and potions, thereby lessening the chances for infection. Each addressed everything from simple pains to headaches, muscle pain, arthritis, child birthing and more. Today we have labeled Ayurveda and Acupuncture as holistic and or alternative. Controlling fire caused a gigantic paradigm shift!

Then came written laws. The Hammurabi Codes of the Babylonians and Ten Commandments provided foundations for current western laws. The Chinese, Egyptians, Israelites, and Greeks continued this surge to write down empirical and speculated thought. Confucianism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam profoundly affected philosophical and religious thought. The Charter Of Liberties, followed by the Magna Carta and then The U.S. Bill of Rights brought about some of the greatest thought and documents on democracy! Our ability to write and categorize these concepts and beliefs helped change our world — paradigm shifts!

The invention of the printing press brought about another huge historical shift. For the first time ever more of the common man was privy to information that only a few once had. We soon discovered that more of us were smart and others were even smarter than the few who had held the store-room to man’s knowledge trove. In turn human knowledge, understanding and application geometrically expanded.

Now here we are in the 21st century with information and access to that information available at unprecedented levels. I will add to that information deluge through postings and discussion of holistic and homeopathic topics. In addition, I will discuss my business and its products that have combined the best past and present technologies causing that paradigm shift that is improving people’s quality of life at this very moment, world-wide.

Here’s to your health, and changing not only the way you think but the actions you take. Chipsterhealth, 12.18.2012

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